Soo Gabe and Nayeli are some of my best friends here in Marin; they were probably my first friends here when I first moved! So we planned our photoshoot about 6 months in advance, and on the day it finally arrived, everything was crazy! I had just cleaned my lens, charged my battery, etc… and everything was great! Then I showed up for the photoshoot… and my lens had condensation inside! We took my camera to a camera store, and they had no idea how it could’ve happened. We then went back to my house to get my backup, which I stupidly hadn’t brought because I was housesitting for a friend and didn’t think to bring it to the other house. Literally every other shoot I have my backup with me…. Typical.

Once we were at my house, I realized I didn’t have my house key with me! So Gabe had to jump the fence and pull himself up to the deck to find the spare key (because naturally we had no stairs due to it being under construction). *insert rolling eyes here* Once we got the key, I got my backup from the house, and we finally headed out to our planned location.

Once we got there, the condensation in my lens had cleared up! So it was pretty much all for nothing lol. Unfortunately, the location we planned on using was ridiculously packed with people, so we had to go to the nearest beach, which ended up being beautiful! Even though it was such an insane day, and a lot of annoying and unplanned things happened, we still had so much fun and got to create beautiful images that represent their unique relationship. We pretty much never stopped laughing despite it all!

Gabe and Nayeli are so fun to be around, and they really love each other. Their silly, cute love really came through in our session too! I’m so glad we got to spend the day together documenting their 5 year anniversary. ♥️