About Me

Hey there! My name is McKenzie.

I’m so glad you’re here!

I am a wedding, engagements, and family lifestyle photographer based on Vancouver Island but available worldwide.

I’m obsessed with traveling, pups & horses, books, music, and obviously photography.

I am married to the best and silliest person I’ve ever met, Triston, and we have the most amazing times adventuring & goofing around with our adorable puppy Watts!


Triston and I had a pretty whirlwind relationship. We fell in love within the first couple weeks of knowing each other, and after long distance dating, had the most beautiful wedding in Victoria, BC, where we have lived ever since! 

Our goal is to travel the world. Not just to see it, but to really experience it. To live in other countries, to explore, and create art along the way. When I am in a gorgeous location, I immediately imagine other people there with me: to photograph the newlyweds at their boho destination beach wedding, the couple celebrating their anniversary on the cliffside, the new parents overflowing with joy no matter where they are. Seeing the natural way two people in love interact, make each other laugh, and express emotion with just a glance- THAT is what I am the most passionate about. Those in-between moments when you think no one is watching, the ones that truly define your unique relationship. I want to photograph your story.


Inspired by my parents’, my love of photography started very young. As I grew up, my dad would teach me and my sister more about photography on every trip. I went through many different phases of what I wanted to do when I grew up, but there was one thing I always came back to. Photography.

When I was 11, I had finally saved up enough for my first DSLR and started taking awkward pictures of my friends, dogs, and my sister… usually laying in the grass with her skateboard because I guess I thought that would be cute. After graduating high school, I immediately started taking a course with the New York Institute of Photography, then began pursuing my passion as a business. I was born in Idaho and raised in California. When I was 14, my family and I moved to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. After spending 4 years living abroad, I moved back to California, started my business, moved to Washington… but that didn’t last long since I met my husband right after and later moved here to Vancouver Island!

Me and My husband Triston


  • i’m a loud introvert
  • my main love language is words of affirmation
  • i really really love pringles and donuts
  • i’m a whisky girl
  • i forget who and where i am when reading a book
  • i love to travel more than anything
  • i really want to photograph you!

If you would like to work with me, to learn more about my shooting process, or any other related information, shoot me an email!

And if you don’t live in my area, reach out to me anyway!

I am always down for an adventure, and I may be able to travel to you.