When I was living in Washington and Triston was here in Victoria, his buddy Levi was dating Marisa, also long distance. One of our visits finally lined up, so the four of us got to spend the day together. Somehow, us girls ended up spending an hour or so alone and it only took a few minutes for us to realize how eerily similar we are!! We talked nonstop about our Italian families, past failed relationships, and how we both knew that we were finally in the right ones.

We honestly didn’t get to see each other again until their engagement party on Van Isle! But again, we just hit it off right away. Since we all got married around the same time and us girls both had to adjust to living away from our families here on Vancouver Island, it’s been helpful to be in the same boat as each other!

I was so stoked when I got to photograph them for their one year wedding anniversary. I think there’s something so special about taking a couple’s or family’s pictures in the comfort of their home, as I really get to capture them for who they are. It’s so real, and authentic. And we all know that’s what I love most! Enjoy these beautiful people!