Oh, what to say about this gorgeous California wedding.

1) It was the wedding of my dreams

2) Michelle and Jack are ridiculously beautiful and kind people

3) They really know how to roll with the punches!

We were able to first shoot together for Michelle and Jack’s pre-wedding photoshoot at the beach in Marin County, and boy did they rock it. They were so fun and carefree and trusting of me, and so of course they turned out amazing. The love they have for each other is plainly seen and they have such a fun, sweet energy! I couldn’t wait to photograph their big day.

On their wedding day, they had a major hiccup and had to move the ceremony last minute, but they just went with it and had a great time! They had an enormous wedding party; think of a large wedding party and double it.? They were all so much fun and my second shooter and I just got to party all day with them! Before the wedding, Michelle told me that Jack is a big softy and that I would definitely get a good reaction when he saw her walk down the aisle, and boy she was right. The love he looked at her with was so incredibly sweet. The vows they wrote for each other were some of the most romantic and lovely words ever, they had us all laughing and emotional!

I couldn’t of imagined a more beautiful day for these two gorgeous people, with their sweet love for each other, incredible dress and stunning reception. It was all so perfect.